Paper’s life cycle

Paper is a daily life item. It is used in so many different ways. We use it without making any thoughts about it. In a group of three, we wanted to find out more about paper itself. What paper is made of, how paper is produced, how paper is disposed and how paper is recycled.

If you want to learn more about some paper facts and the paper life cycle, please click here!

Paper - from Where to Where? (Sway presentation)

Working on our project work was very interesting but on the other hand quite challenging. We’ve learned so many different facts about paper we didn’t know before. Furthermore we realised, that paper has its negative and also its positive aspects. Working with paper is for many people like tradition and habit. But when we consider the ways of communication, we have to admit clearly that using electronic devices is for sure faster and easier these days. The future of paper is quite unclear. We have to keep in mind that it is possible that we won’t use paper anymore someday.

We’ve created our contribution with a tool called Sway. Sway is a nice tool for making contributions or presenations in an easy way. We would recommend Sway to everyone. It is easy to use and it creates some nice layouts. In addition, it is possible to add pictures or videos fast and easy.

All in all, our main aim was to sum up the whole life cycle of paper in a simple and understandable way, because paper as an item has so many interesting facts.

This video is made with Flipagram.

Made by: Laura Di Mauro, Nicole Fontana, Fabienne Wagner

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3 thoughts on “Paper’s life cycle

  1. Hi
    very cool video! Your post is quite interesting and Looks very nice on this sway Programm! Guess that have took a lot of time to do all the pages etc. But a good idea from you to do it like this and not regular like all the other Posts 🙂

    Thank you and have a nice day!

    Your Tire Team
    Lukas, Claudia & Ladina

  2. Cool video. I did not knew that it is so easy to recycle paper! where did you got your information from about how it works?

    1. Dear Larissa

      Thank you for your comment.
      We bought a set with the special tools and with an instruction book.

      Kind regards, Fabienne, Nicole, Laura

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