The journey of shoes


We noticed that at lot of People think that Timberland boots are too expensive. Therefore, we wanted to find out how much the production cost and how much profit they get. Furthermore, we were very interested in the materials they use. We wrote a short summary to show you what we found out.

Timberland is an American company that produces outdoor winter shoes. During the past few years, Timberland boots have grown in popularity and are the top- selling winter boots in the world. Their biggest hit are the beige/original colour water proof boots that many people compare to as construction boots. This post will be about the boots itself, where and how they are made, and how they ruin and benefit the environment.


Where and how Timberlands are made

They are made in the Timberland factories that are located in Tennessee, Dominican Republic, and China.

They use Cowhide Leather on their boots because they allow the boots to durable during the winter and comfortable at the same time. In the factories, they stitch the leather on a model of the boot, then press the logo and the different designs afterwards. Timberland boots have many benefits on the Society.

What are Timberlands made of

They use plastic water bottles to make their boots and shoes. To date, 128 Million used plastic bottles have made their way into Timberland shoes and boots. In Timberland products for everything from linings,laces, uppers and insulation, to faux shearling and even the backing of faux fur are made from recycled materials. This means animals and non recycled materials are being saved for other purposes.

Timberlands sadly also affect the Environment negatively. They kill animals to use their leather, fur and wool in their shoes and boots. The production of these materials can cause climate change, pollution and land devastation. Also, in some cases if the same animal is being killed it could cause that species to become extinct. As you can see, Timberlands can ruin the environment and the things living in it.

The ingredients of shoes

How much Timberlands cost

Timberlands boots can cost between $75- $190 depending on the quality and size of the boots. For a pair of timberlands boots that cost $140, it costs $35 to make them and sell them to the retailer for $70 so they only pay $105 and get profit when someone buys the shoes. The company only pays 25% of the original cost to make the boots and sells it to the company for 50%. They receive 25% profit and taking advantage of us.


Timberlands are popular world-wide. They offer People a wide range of choices in footwear. The benefits of their production process out of weighs their drawbacks. Over the years, they have become a well known Company.


Nowadays we have different possibilities to recycle our old shoes:

  • Pairs of shoes in a good condition can be donated to charity shops for resale.
  • Before you get rid of those unworn shoes, maybe you take another look and you try to paint, decorate or repair them.
  • There are a few waste recycling centres which have container for old shoes and boots.

If you want to know how to repair your old or used shoes by yourself, go and check this website:
How To Fix Shoes Yourself (

Our Survey

We wanted to know…

a) the amount of shoes in general
b) the amount of Timberland shoes
c) why would you buy Timberland shoes?
d) your opinion of the Timberland Company

Participants: 23 students + 1 teacher = 24 People


Ceyda, Larissa, Manuel und Robin



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5 thoughts on “The journey of shoes

  1. Thank you for your information.
    Actually because of your beneficial essay about the Temberland shoes, I’m going to buy one for me.


  2. You used an easy language that it wasn’t so difficult to understand the contribution. It’s a perfect length for a contribution, not too long, not to short. The article is very interesting and stimulate to think about these shoes and how they were produced. It is fascinating how much used plastic water bottles are in the shoes. Next time you could write more about how the shoes get to Switzerland an in generall all over the world.

  3. I really like the way you wrote your contribution: short and understandable/simple sentences. Also i think the length is perfect, not too long, not too short.
    The pictures you chose are really nice, but one is a bit difficult to read, next time maybe take a bigger one.
    The most interesting part for me is the one you wrote about recycling because i never knew you can do that with shoes too.
    Thanks for the great information!

  4. Dear Shoe Team

    You did a very good job with your contribution.
    We always asked ourselves why these Timberland shoes were so expensive and because of your information on this website we know it now. We are going to search in future for a charity organization which resales old shoes instead of throwing them away.

    Larissa, Valerio and Slavica

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