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Interview Organic Food Project

Hello, my name is Dogukan, from the Izmir team. My group mates and I did an interview with the school’s literature teacher who is responsible for all the work about the sustainable and organic food.

Also our Zürich team mates Melanie and Gözde did an Interview about Sustainable Food in Zürich-Oerlikon. Check it out here: Sustainable Food »

And here is the Interview:

Hello Sir, what is your position in school?

I am a literature teacher.

Our literature teacher while he is working.

What is this sustainable food?

Sustainable food production has typically been a small scale affair with gardeners, allotment holders and farmers producing various in-season food crops for their own consumption or to sell at local markets. But sustainable farming practices are also essential in feeding the worlds growing global population as the competition for land use not only for building and development, but also for the growing of biomass energy crops becomes more challenging.

Thanks, but what are you exactly doing in this school ?

Firstly, in this project, we are working with Erasmus so we get an allowance to grow our own organic and sustainable food. Then with this allowance, we started to build a little garden in our school. We planted vegetables like cucumber and onion, then I made an irrigation system for crops. Later we had an excellent success. All the crops were very good and 100% organic.

100% organic cucumbers
100% organic cucumbers

Wow, I think your project is very good and helpful.

Thank you, we did this for the future of our children, our world. Organic and sustainable food will save the world. Everything will start with planting a crop.

Last summer when we were at work

Very interesting idea. You are a very clever man. Your intelligence is like a poison.

Thank you. (we laughed)

Do you want to tell anything else to our friends in Switzerland?

izmir sustainable 1
Everything starts with planting a crop

You’re on a good way. Keep going. I hope y’all will be successful and happy in the future. Live for the moment, work for the future ;

Thank you for everything, Sir. You’ve been very helpful. We have to go now. See you later.

No problem for me. You can come and talk to me any time. I will be really pleased. See you later!

The interviewers from the Izmir Team

Special thanks to: Our guidance İlkay Gulek, Suphi Koyuncuoğlu High School school principal.

Dogukan, Melih, Oguzcan, Mert Rahman (Team Izmir)

Source: Suphi Koyuncuoğlu High School Organic Food Project (archive.org; formerly: organicswetuczero.com)

Also our Zürich team mates Melanie and Gözde did an Interview about Sustainable Food in Zürich-Oerlikon. Check it out here: Sustainable Food »

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  1. Nice! I think this kind of projects helps a lot to go a way to a healthier future! Combined with the collaborative approach, it will become “unstoppable”.

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