Please take part in our surveys – your voice counts!

Organic farming – Survey 1

Hi guys,
For the next step of my project, I have decided to conduct a survey. The main goal is to find people’s thoughts on organic farming, chemical fertilizers and harsh farming techniques. Do people think that organic farming could help us and is sustainable?

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=>Organic farming survey<=


Many thanks for your support!
Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School,
Kerala, India

Junk Food – Survey 2

Hello everyone,
As part of our project we created a survey about Junk food. We want to know how junk food is involved in YOUR daily life!
We would really appreciate it, if you would fill out our survey.

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=>Junk Food survey<=


Thank you for your participation!
Lisa and Noémie
wkvw Wetzikon Zurich

Local product – Survey 3

Hi together,
We did a survey for our project “the lifecycle of a local product”.
With our survey we want to find out the behaviour and the view of different people regarding the production of apples. Please take a few minutes to fill in our online survey.

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Local Product survey <=


Thank you very much for your participation!
Stefanie, Simone, Tamara
wkvw Wetzikon Zurich

Food Waste – Survey 4

Hi everybody!
Thank you for joining us on our journey against food waste! We created this survey for you to document your experience. At the end of our journey we will analyse how much food we wasted/saved – and how much we helped the environment! Let’s go!

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Food Waste survey <=


Please join also our End Food Waste Challenge

Aina and Melisa
wkvw Wetzikon Zurich

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