Food & Climate – Collaborations across borders and cultures

Food & Climate – projects on this explosive topic were carried out in collaboration with students from Wezikon Zurich, Kerala, Antwerp and Delhi
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The project started with a “food app”, a collection of the students’ daily food. The data could then be used for their projects and research.

A total of 19 contributions and 6 showcases have been created in the context of The Horse concept ( and published within the time span of about 5 months.

Get inspired and initiated into the students’ learning experiences! Enjoy self made media (audio, video), future visions, interviews with practitioners, lay people and scientists, surveys and challenges!

Some examples

Cultivation and use of resources
Water supply in agriculture

Food transport
Maritime Transportation Challenges

Food production
The apple, more than „just“ a local product

Food consumption & Life style
Junk food and the Consumer Blame Game
Airplane Food facts

Sustainable packaging
Think wisely, think wasteless

Food Wastage in Indian Weddings
End Food Waste – The Challenge

Urban gardens
Green walls for a green City!

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