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Executive Summary

Selina Lehmann and I, Julia Hartmann recently came up with the idea of ​​starting our own company. We chose a GmbH because we can be very flexible. With our company we want to lend people for weddings, confirmations, celebrations and other occasions, jewelry in a qualitative and affordable way. The borrowed jewelry can also be bought after the event. So you don’t always have to go to the store and buy it directly, you can also borrow it for a short time and bring it back. Of course, we will clean them after using it so that they look like new again.

Founder Profile

Selina Lehmann
Ms. Lehmann is completing her commercial apprenticeship this year. Now she wants to reorient herself and start something completely new. Selina Lehmann is already very familiar with jewelry and knows how to make it.

Julia Hartmann
Ms. Hartmann is also completing her commercial apprenticeship this year and would like to reorient. Since Ms. Lehmann had the same idea, we decided to found SLJH-Accessories GmbH together. Julia Hartmann also has a very good knowledge of jewellery.

Business Idea

Our company orders certain products from well-known suppliers, such as Swarovski, Rolex, etc., but we also provide some ourselves. The products can also be made to customer requirements. We want to guarantee high quality and quantity by working only with real silver and gold. The loan should be free, although you can also buy the product cheaply after use. Our products can be picked up directly from our warehouse or ordered online. Our added value is that we can promote sharing. So you don’t have to spend money on expensive jewelry for a wedding day. In addition, everyone has the opportunity to buy the product later. Online shipping is also free.

Organization and Legal Form

Selina Lehmann and Julia Hartmann lead the company SLJH-Accessories GmbH. One person is always employed in other departments. All employees have attended a higher technical school and are very familiar with their function.

Legal Form

Due to flexibility, we have chosen the legal form company with limited liability.

Target Group

Our target group includes private customers of all ages and gender is irrelevant.


Organigram (click to enlarge)

Information about jewellery

First a few general things about the material: A piece of jewellery can consist of different materials. The most common are gold, silver, palladium, stainless steel, platinum etc. For example, a white gold chain can consist of 37% gold, 11% silver, 20% copper and 32% palladium. Gold, for example, is measured in carats, which means that a Cartier ring has been assumed to contain 18 carats of yellow gold, which means that it contains 3.6 grams of gold.

The fineness of a piece of jewellery indicates how much of the precious material in a piece of jewellery is in per thousand.

cartier love bracelet
cartier love bracelet


Everything is to be considered as if we were founding a company. Of course everything is only fictitious.

The calculation was not very easy because it is very difficult to find the exact number of grams of material in a necklace. Because of this, we did the whole thing in a text.

Infographic with permission of C. Brenner, Managing Director Philoro Edelmetalle, Von der Goldmiene zum Goldbarren (

In any case, we assume that a neckless is made of 18ct, which corresponds to 3.6 g yellow gold. Carat describes the density of fine gold. In the picture below we describe how the process of winning gold might look like. If we now assume that these chains are sold ten times, the effort is logically ten times greater. On the following picture you can also see a truck that transports rock. From one ton of rock 3-5 grams of gold can be processed. Let us assume that a ring with 3 grams of gold needs one ton. For 10 rings, it takes six tons of rock. Suppose a truck can transport one ton and has to go this way six times. By driving less, you can avoid producing less CO2, which is better for the environment.

If you want to know how gold and silver are made, take a look at the link down below.

production of gold and silver (


It was interesting to explore the origins and see what resources could be saved.

All in all we can say that we are quite satisfied with the results. However, we had some difficulties, for example with the calculation, because the exact material, or how much of what is included, is rarely given. But anyway we were able to find out somehow. The teamwork went very well.  Although it’s not always easy when you can only see the other person via videochat and can’t discuss topics face to face, but in the end it all worked out pretty well. Originally we had planned to design a poster, but due to the current situation with the coronavirus this was not possible because we could not see each other.

We hope you enjoyed our post.

Kind regards

Julia and Selina 🙂

Wie wird Gold und Silber hergestellt (
Edelmetalle: Gold (
Cartier (
Schmuck (
Gemondo: So wird Schmuck produziert (

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