CITY CLIMATE – collaborative projects published

Collaborations across countries and continents! Teams from Antwerp (Belgium), Kerala (India), Wetzikon Zurich (Switzerland), Basque Coutry, and maybe Canada, Pakistan and Australia are about to be formed.

The participants will have the opportunity of discovering together, discussing, experiencing on site, creating, publishing, propagating; it’s learning through experience with the prospect of practical thinking and acting!

The overall topic is “City Climate” with special focus on “City Trees”.

  • What project topics will be chosen and performed?
  • How stimulating will cross-border collaboration be?
  • What experiences will the teams create to establish a relation to the topic?
  • How will the teams promote their contributions?
  • What positive impact will the teams achieve?

To the City Climate 20/21 contributions (completed)

The teams themselves inform about their activities, just follow us on our social media channels:

Instagram:: dontwaste_myenergy
facebook:: dontwastemyenergy
twitter:: where_2_where

Looking forward!

Further information: «The Horse» concept ( demands & promotes professional, social, linguistic and media skills of students and teachers.


☷ See the project teams here »
☵ Some words about the contributions »

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