Please take part in our surveys

Surveys on City Climate

1 :: Climate-impacting measures by Lukas, Julian, Livia
Dear all, thanks for filling it out!

2 :: Urban gardening by Debora and Melane

3 :: Foreign plants in cities by Tamara and Kevin
We are very interested in learning more about this topic in your country!

4 :: City traffic by David
In my project I worked on the topic of transport in cities. In this context I have worked out some questions.

5 :: Food Waste Rezeptbuch! by Kadir

6 :: Wild animals in the city by Sandra, Anabel & Joelle
We look forward to your participation!

The surveys are made with the KoBo Toolbox, supported by HumanitarianResponse (

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4 thoughts on “Please take part in our surveys

  1. Every part of life will nourish and flourish if we human beings are ready to compromise with extra comforts. During the initial stage of lockdown due to the pandemic it was evident. Air became pure and clear. Wild life felt free to roam around. Distant mountains become visible. So before starting our survey we need determination to take action from our part to make our planet survive.

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