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What happens with a plastic bottle after it’s thrown into the recycling bin?

Hi guys

Iain and I wanted to find out more about the lifecycle of a PET bottle. We wanted to inform ourselves about the recycling process of all those plastic bottles. We created a video for our project to show you more about the recycling of PET.

We went to Uetikon ZH to record our movie ourselves. Right After the recording we cut the film with iMovie.

We should just let the video talk for itself… Enjoy!


Visiting a PET Recycling station was a very great experience. We were amazed how it all works. As you already saw in the video.

Technical & other info

Cam: iPhone 12 Pro
Program: iMovie
Guide in Uetikon: Mr. Heinz Gerber (Werkmeister Centre Uetikon am See)

Centre 1
Centre 1


We intend to show you guys what happens with a plastic bottle after it’s thrown in a recycling bin. Because of the worldwide pandemic called COVID-19 we were not able to visit all different steps of the recycling progress. We asked several entreprises and factories but we got refuse after refuse. We are glad we could visit Schneider Umweltservice in Uetikon. At this point; Many thanks to them and to Mr. Heinz Gerber for the really helpful tour.

Following a picture of the vehicle which puts the PET bottles in the machine to press them into cubes. We took all pictures by ourselves. The whole videomaterial was filmed by ourselves too.

Centre 2
Centre 2

Authors: Rico Wirth & Iain Weder

Schneider Umweltservice (

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3 thoughts on “What happens with a plastic bottle after it’s thrown into the recycling bin?

  1. Well done, guys! This topic was my very first touch with this website and its content. I enjoyed the video a lot and it inspired me to realize my own topic soon. Everyone can set his/her own steps to help saving our environment.

  2. You have chosen a very exciting topic and made a great video about it. It was understandable and interesting, including the difference between PE and PET. What I would still be interested in is what happens to these PET blocks and what happens to the bottles after they have been made ready for transport? Maybe also how it works in other countries?
    A very important topic at this time and I find it very well realized.

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