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Our environment is in great danger and it is getting worse and worse every day. For that reason we need to think about innovative ideas to support and restore our environment. Sometimes even small acts and ideas matter and therefore can help. That is exactly what we wanted to show with our project idea. We focused on our Hometown Rüti whilst working on our project.

Why this project?

When we had to find an idea for a project, it took us a while until we came up with a useful and good idea, which possibly could help our environment. After doing some research and discussions, we came across a project, which was planned by our hometown.

Their project idea was to provide the sidewalks of our town with more options for cyclers to use them and also to install more facilities concerning the topic cycling. We thought we could build on this project idea and also bring in our own ideas and that is exactly what we did.

The start of our project idea

The first step was, to contact our community. This wasn’t a hard task, because Carmen actually works there. The plan was, to collect as many documents about this cycling project as possible. It for sure wasn’t easy and we also aren’t allowed to show all the pictures and use all the information we’ve got. Therefore you won’t see a lot of pictures of the original project idea of our community.

Working on our project idea

After regularly consulting each other and brainstorming our own ideas, we started to add some more locations and places where we would provide our citizens with enough facilities and paths for them to use their bicycles. You can see our ideas (1, 2 and 3) and the ones our community (4) had in mind, in the pictures below.

(1) Around our train station to connect downtown and uptown
Rüti train station

(1) Around our train station to connect downtown and uptown


(2) Extending the parking options around the station

(3) More paths in the forest of our hometown to reach the next town in less time
Rüti forest

(3) More paths in the forest of our hometown to reach the next town in less time

(4) The marking of the cycle path and the connections
Layout of the plan [1]
(4) The marking of the cycle path and the connections


Working on this project idea really showed us, that even small things can make a difference. Ideas like ours are key elements for our future and especially for our environment. We also think, that is astonishing how easy it sometimes can be to come up with ideas to change the world even just a little bit. Even tho our project is just an idea, we are very happy, that our community is genuinely working on a cycling project for our hometown and their citizens.

We are looking forward to hear your opinion on our project idea!

Carmen Deiss and Jana Leuenberger

[1] Auszug Plan Velokonzept (

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One thought on “Cycling for a better environment

  1. Well done! I’m a passionate cyclist and very interested in all kind of cycling projects. It’s exciting, what kind of plans the government is following. It needs so less, to let the car at home and ride the bicycle for different actions in your hometown.

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