Collaboration projects across borders in the making

This year again, teenagers and young adults have initiated and carried out collaborative projects across cultures and borders, with the aim of making an impact from local to beyond using The Horse concept (

This time many teams from different countries and cultures participated: India, Thailand, Cuba, South Korea, Kosovo, Hawaii, Canada, Bosnia, Germany, Croatia, Italy, United States, South Africa, Switzerland, Denmark, Brazil, Turkey!  So there were exciting but also challenging tasks to be tackled; and even though not everything always went smoothly, some surprising and magnificent results have been achieved.

The brand new projects are in the final stages and will soon be published here for sharing with you and the world!

The umbrella topics are

  • Food
  • Mobility & technology
  • Climate & trees
  • Circular economy
  • Plastics
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Fast fashion
  • Water management
  • Light pollution

Follow the collaboration teams on Instagram dontwaste_myenergy


☷ See the project teams here »
☵ Some words about the contributions »

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