TRIANGLES (new!) – Collaboration Projects started!

“The Horse” concept is evolving! For the first time, young learners from three different countries are experimenting with each other to gain experience in co-creation, communication and media skills – all within a “real-life collaboration project”! The approach is called … Continue reading TRIANGLES (new!) – Collaboration Projects started!

“The Horse” concept

Teaching & Learning Web “The Horse” concept “The Horse” concept forms a basis for applied learning methods in combination with experiences. It combines elements of active learning with self-responsibility and enables collaboration across national borders. «The Horse» concept at Geneva Forum at United Nations, 12/14/2022: We presented «The Horse» concept at Geneva Forum ( at United Nations, the 6th Annual International Conference on Participatory Research, Citizen Sciences, Crowd-Innovation and Fab Labs for Peace and Development, 13 to 15 December 2022, Organized by Objectif Sciences International ( We started in late 2015, during this time the so called «befter» method has developed … Continue reading “The Horse” concept

The Nest – exploring the future of buildings

Introduction The NEST (Next Evolution in Sustainable Building Technologies) is a research and innovation of the Empa (Swiss interdisciplinary research institute for materials science and technology development). We want to obtain closer information about the Nest, which is placed in … Continue reading The Nest – exploring the future of buildings

Projects’ overview

Collaboration projects 2022 across cultures & worldwide Teenagers and young adults created collaborative projects around the world, using the “befter” steps. Visit the new interactive world map and find the students’ project outcomes and experiences. To the interactive world map » The TRIANGE collaboration experiment 2021/22 For the first time, young learners from three different countries are experimenting with each other to gain experience in co-creation, communication and media skills – all within a “real-life collaboration project”! More about the triangles » City climate 2020/21 Collaborations across borders and cultures! The overall topic is “City Climate” with special focus on “City Trees”. More about city climate » … Continue reading Projects’ overview

Website creation teams

Collaborations 2023 Business School wkvk :: Teams 2022/23 Collaborations 2022 Business School wkvk :: Teams BM19a & BM2VZ:   => Click on an image to watch the video ( Some of the collaboration partners from all over the world! (not complete, selection) 2021 – City Climate City Climate ’21, India, Kerala, Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School (, city of Trivandrum City Climate ’21, Switzerland, Zurich/Wetzikon, Business School wkvk :: Teams BM18a & BM2VZ:   => Click on an image to watch the video (   2020 – food & climate Collaborations across cultures, borders and sub-continents! Add-on projects “Sharing” by … Continue reading Website creation teams

Imprint / Contact – Impressum / Kontakt

Verantwortliche für den Inhalt Responsible for the content Diese Website ist ein kulturübergreifendes Gemeinschaftsprojekt von Berufsmittelschülern, Studenten und Auszubildenden, das Ende 2015 im Rahmen des neuen Faches “Technik & Umwelt” entstanden ist. Sie ist ein Engagement des gemeinnützigen Vereins “THE ! association” (, kurz “The horse” genannt, mit Sitz in der Schweiz. This website is a joint project of vocational secondary school pupils, students and trainees across cultures, which was created at the end of 2015 as part of the new subject “Technology & Environment”. It is a commitment of the non-profit association “THE ! association” (, called “The horse” … Continue reading Imprint / Contact – Impressum / Kontakt