“The Horse” concept

Teaching & Learning Web “The Horse” concept “The Horse” concept forms a basis for applied learning methods in combination with experiences. It combines elements of active learning with self-responsibility and enables collaboration across national borders. We started in late 2015, during this time the so called «befter» method has developed where seven lighthouses (steps) point the way. On September 09 2018 we founded THE ! association (the-horse.education), “The Horse Education” association. In total about 150 published team contributions on dontwastemy.energy originated under “The Horse” concept and the «befter» approach (02/2021). Many student-created videos, surveys, images and interviews have evolved! Our … Continue reading “The Horse” concept

The Nest – exploring the future of buildings

Introduction The NEST (Next Evolution in Sustainable Building Technologies) is a research and innovation of the Empa (Swiss interdisciplinary research institute for materials science and technology development). We want to obtain closer information about the Nest, which is placed in … Continue reading The Nest – exploring the future of buildings

Projects’ overview

City climate 2020/21 – collaborative projects are in the making Collaborations across borders and cultures! The overall topic is “City Climate” with special focus on “City Trees”. More about city climate » Sharing 2020 Sharing and using instead of owning and storing. The student teams are developing new ways of sharing things in the context of a circular economy and saving resources. More about sharing » Food & climate 2019/20 – a crosscultural collaboration project Collaborations across continents! Belgium, India, Switzerland, South Africa and Taiwan – 110 students, 7 teachers and experts are collaborating. The topic is “food and climate” … Continue reading Projects’ overview

Website creation teams

2021 – City Climate City Climate ’21, India, Kerala, Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School (christnagarschool.in), city of Trivandrum City Climate ’21, Switzerland, Zurich/Wetzikon, Business School wkvk :: Teams BM18a & BM2VZ:   => Click on an image to watch the video (vimeo.com) More City Climate 2020/21 teams follow.   2020 – food & climate Collaborations across cultures, borders and sub-continents! Add-on projects “Sharing” by BM17a members. Seven classes & groups from Antwerp, Delhi, Kerala and Zurich created wonderful befter contributions together.   Heads up! Teams befter 2019 Students from Business School wkvw Wetzikon (wkvw.ch), Zürich, Switzerland & Moretus Secondary School … Continue reading Website creation teams