Projects’ overview

Food & climate 2019/20 – a crosscultural collaboration project Collaborations across continents! Belgium, India, Switzerland, South Africa and Taiwan – 110 students, 7 teachers and experts are collaborating. The topic is “food and climate” and with the help of a “food app”, daily food is recorded and can later be used for projects and research. More about food & climate » Befter 2018/19 – before & after the experience The goal is a teams’ experience for building a relationship to the “real world. There are several steps to go through: Your own imagination, online research and team discussion, performing the … Continue reading Projects’ overview

Website creation teams

2020 – food & climate – collaborations across cultures, borders and sub-continents! Add-on projects “Sharing” by M17a members. Seven classes & groups from Antwerp, Delhi, Kerala and Zurich created wonderful befter contributions together [still in progress].   Heads up! Teams befter 2019 Students from Business School WKVW Wetzikon (, Zürich, Switzerland & Moretus Secondary School Moretus Ekeren (, Antwerp, Belgium  Teams Project befter 2018 (Before and after the experience) Teams “Scenarios Z.B.” (Z.urich B.erlin) 2018 Business School WKVW Wetzikon (, Zürich, Switzerland & Lette-Verein Berlin ( ! See the Project Z.B. heads flying out of the magic horse-box here … Continue reading Website creation teams