Choose a Thing!

Each student had been asked for his/her favorite thing in order to discover the from where to where” (w2w): where do the resources, ingredients & materials come from and where are they going to end up (i.e. life cycle)? As an important CLIL goal is “activating prior knowledge” this step had do be implemented in a very early phase of the project.

The result of 57 things in total is shown in the table below. 25 things out of the 57 have been investigated by the 25 research teams. The chosen things are linked to the team’s final website contribution.

The Table of the 57 Things

2 Hair wax
12 Volleyball
47 Mirror Team w2w47
13 Nespresso capsules Team w2w13
28 iPhone
5 Swiss army knife (Victorinox)
25 Scarf
27 Bread Team w2w27
49 Cooking Pan Team w2w49
22 Goldbears
40 Cheese for Fondue Team w2w40
21 Daniel Wellington watch
26 Beef Team w2w26
4 Scissors
48 Newspaper Team w2w48
31 T-shirt
57 Salt
32 Beer
11 Hollister Jumper
54 Robi Dog Team w2w54
10 Check the Watch! Team w2w10
20 Solar panels
56 Sugar
8 Mobile phone
46 Fiberglass Team w2w46
29 Sneaker
39 Cardboard packaging (Tetra Pak) Team w2w39
30 Tooth brush
7 Fur for jackets
45 Festival waste Team w2w45
34 Glasses
16 Alu can Team w2w16
18 Glass
44 H&M clothing Team w2w44
38 Gabor shoes
43 Swiss glass bottle, Elmer citro Team w2w43
3 Boxing gloves
9 PET bottle Team w2w9
24 Leather jacket
19 Airplane, Have a pleasant Flight Team w2w19
52 Timberland shoes Team w2w52
41 Zweifel Chip, The story of Chips Team w2w41
33 Head phones
51 LED lamp
6 Jeans
17 Paper Team w2w17
37 Red Bull
23 Batteries Team w2w23
36 the everlasting tarpaulin bag Team w2w36
15 Zara dress
50 Plastic bag Team w2w50
14 Chocolate
53 Tire Team w2w53
42 Copper Team w2w42
35 Water bottle
1 Milk
57 MCM bag