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Collaborations 2022

Business School wkvk :: Teams BM19a & BM2VZ:
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Some of the collaboration partners from all over the world! (not complete, selection)

2021 – City Climate

Team BM2 T&U WKVW Students
BM2 wkvw students – click on the image to see the video

City Climate ’21, India, Kerala, Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School (, city of Trivandrum

Teachers and students from Kerala, India
Teachers and students from Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School, Teams Grade 9 to 12 (click on the image to enlarge it)

City Climate ’21, Switzerland, Zurich/Wetzikon,
Business School wkvk :: Teams BM18a & BM2VZ:
  City Climate 2020/21
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2020 – food & climate

Collaborations across cultures, borders and sub-continents! Add-on projects “Sharing” by BM17a members.

Seven classes & groups from Antwerp, Delhi, Kerala and Zurich created wonderful befter contributions together.


Heads up! Teams befter 2019

Students from Business School wkvw Wetzikon (, Zürich, Switzerland & Moretus Secondary School Moretus Ekeren (, Antwerp, Belgium

befter Teams 2019, BM2 Vollzeit, Klassen A & B
befter Teams 2019, classes BM2A/B on the left and some of the Belgian team members of 6WEWI on the right (click on the image to enlarge it)

Teams Project befter 2018
(Before and after the experience)

The BM2TZ-students brainstorm together during their visit at KEZO Hinwil (click to enlarge)

Teams “Scenarios Z.B.” (Z.urich B.erlin) 2018

Business School WKVW Wetzikon (, Zürich, Switzerland & Lette-Verein Berlin (

Lette-Verein Berlin and WKVW students flying heads

! See the Project Z.B. heads flying out of the magic horse-box here »


Teams “Project ZürIzmir” 2017/2018

ZürIch greets Izmir greets ZürIch greets Izmir greets ↫ – ZürIzmir!

BM2 TZ, Business School WKVW Wetzikon (, Zürich, Switzerland & Izmir, Turkey, High School İzmir Bornova Cem Bakioğlu Anadolu Lisesi (

8 moments of the Team 2016/2017 (W2W)

BM2a VZ & BM2b VZ & BM2 TZ, WKVWetzikon

photos by Larissa Keller (BM2 TZ)
Und hier nennt sich das Team 2016/17 beim Namen..

Team 2015/2016 (dwME)

BM2a VZ & BM2b VZ
» Hier das Team 2015/16 unter der Lupe !
» Take a close look of the team under the magnifying glass !
photo©2016 by Maximiliane Egli (BM2b VZ), MaxwellArt Photography on Facebook
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