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Collaboration projects 2022 across cultures & worldwide
Teenagers and young adults created collaborative projects around the world, using the “befter” steps. Visit the new interactive world map and find the students’ project outcomes and experiences.
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The TRIANGE collaboration experiment 2021/22
For the first time, young learners from three different countries are experimenting with each other to gain experience in co-creation, communication and media skills – all within a “real-life collaboration project”!
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City climate 2020/21
Collaborations across borders and cultures! The overall topic is “City Climate” with special focus on “City Trees”.
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Sharing 2020
Sharing and using instead of owning and storing. The student teams are developing new ways of sharing things in the context of a circular economy and saving resources.
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Food & climate 2019/20 – a crosscultural collaboration project
Collaborations across continents! Belgium, India, Switzerland, South Africa and Taiwan – 110 students, 7 teachers and experts are collaborating. The topic is “food and climate” and with the help of a “food app”, daily food is recorded and can later be used for projects and research.
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Befter 2018/19 – before & after the experience
The goal is a teams’ experience for building a relationship to the “real world. There are several steps to go through: Your own imagination, online research and team discussion, performing the experience, self-reflection compared to step 1 and 2, finally publishing on and propagation on social media and asking for feedback & comments.
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Scenarios Z.B. 2017/18: The Scenarios Z.B. «Zurich.Berlin.»
Business students from Wetzikon, Zurich and metallography students from Berlin were creating contributions in collaboration. There was even space for imagination in the fashion of some crazy ideas and strange stories.
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ZurIzmir 2017/18: connecting & comparing ZürI & Izmir!
Students’ internationally mixed research teams tried to create a relationship to their own local environment or to the place where they live in.
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where2where 2016/17: From where to where?
Students’ research teams discover the life cycle of every-day things as far and as intensely as possible in the given time.
For the making of and our website promotion social media channels had been involved.
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Energy 2015/16: dwME – don’t waste My Energy!
The students’ answers to their own energy questions is published on the new students’ project website
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